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eats only organic vegetables (raw as much as possible), fruits and grains
drinks lemongrass tea, fresh turmeric juice, green tea (on alternate days), fresh green juice (malunggay, papaya leaves, brocolli)
no white rice. no white bread
no softdrinks or coffee
no meat. if she ever have to eat meat– must be organic and grass fed.

According to Dr. John Lee, diet/food is not a cure-all remedy, but is an important factor that must be considered in the battle against cancer.

Disclaimer: I am not a health practitioner so take everything I say as opinion and not fact. Consult your health professional for medical advice. If there is something you picked from this site, do your own research before starting a conversation with your doctor. I still believe that patients, conventional doctors and alternative/complimentary medicine practitioners can still find a common ground to start talking about real cure and be true to the Hippocratic oath , despite the myriad of things that we have to fix and tag as urgent.

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