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2012 Updates 77% progress at Growing Green
Our score is 8.5 out of 11 (about 77%) based on “Your Guide to Growing Green”. That 77% was reached with a big change in our lifestyle, which now we are beginning to enjoy more, as it is now becoming more mainstream, I do not feel so alone in this fight anymore. Do not wait until one of your family members get cancer, before acting.

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To reduce exposure to enviromental toxins and carcinogens

  • No plastic or styrofoam food containers
  • installed Flouride Filter for drinking water source
  • removed all moth balls at home
  • from Y2005 lived as far away from Payatas and its air full of dioxin
  • Other environmental concerns:

    Download, print and let all your friends and relatives know:
    State of the Evidence: The Connection between the Environment and Breast Cancer

    Nanay asked this question so many times, why she of all people gets cancer, she does not have any of the aging related diseases such as diabetes or hypertension– she is very active, does not drink alcohol, does not smoke, not very fond of fast food or junk foods..

    after attending a seminar on environmental causes of Cancer, she finally was able to identify her constant exposures to toxin such as

    (1992 to 2004)
    * dioxin (before we moved to Singapore– we live in the Philippines a few kilometers to an open dumpsite called Payatas– you can google this “Payatas dioxin”
    * In 2002, a study was conducted that proves that breastmilk of women working in the Payatas dumpsite are unsafe as it is has high levels of dioxin
    * though we live a few kilometers away from this dumpsite — in a subdividision, dioxin is invisible and is in the air
    * our supply of water then is from a deep well– again– google this ” Arsenic and deep well”
    * (2010)last year we found out she have more than the tolerable level of Arsenic in her body
    * (1970 to 1995)she worked for a garment factory that uses synthetic fiber (The kind that has very small particles than can go through your nose and to your blood stream)
    * (1950 till today) she have a very stressful life– working to put me through college while managing other personal/domestic issues
    * there are probably more unknown factors that hit her at the time when she is at her most vulnerable moment

    Clinical Studies by PGH (Philippine General Hospital)
    BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations among breast cancer patients in the Philippines
    ARGP & Breast Cancer Susceptibility in the Philippines
    Excerpt:The Philippines has the highest reported incidence rate of breast cancer in Asia (16) . The (world-standardized) rate of 47.7/100,000 exceeds the rate reported for several Western countries, including Spain, Italy, and most Eastern European countries. We have estimated that at least 5% of breast cancers in the Philippines may be attributed to mutations in the breast cancer susceptibility genes BRCA1 and BRCA2 (14)

    Air & swab sampling of bacteria, mold, fungi and fungus

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