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June 2011 – 18 months after initial diagnosis, 15 months after mastectomyRound 1 (out of 5) – NED or No evidence of disease

The solid nodules on her left breast- 7 out of 9 are cystic (benign), 2 of them are classified as Birads Category 3 (still benign). No signs of progression on the mastectomy site (where the right breast once was).The 2 nodules on the remaining breast (left) that are being monitored is smaller compared to the scan last month. Even the uterine fibroid is smaller compared to last month’s scan. Her liver, spleen, pancreas, kidney and lungs are all normal. I presume, that the modified Gerson therapy is working and that the modified Kelley/Bruce protocol which she did last year really helped her a lot. Most of all the great healer, Jehovah Rophe is in the middle of this all Read more here

Addressing her dental issues and the hardening of arteries and also continuing on her Cancer Treatment though..

April 2011 – (15 months after initial diagnosis, 13 months after mastectomy)

As of today, there is no such thing as cure for cancer. Anyone who uses the term cure for cancer is either lying, misinformed or is just using the term cure for No Evidence of Disease (NED) or in “remission”. But of course there are always exceptions to the rule, such as a spontaneous remission or a progression free survival, which is almost equivalent to a cure, and which sometimes people call a miracle. We are hoping for a miracle as an expression of faith, but we are not detached from the reality that even as Christians, we are infallible and we get sick just like everyone else.

When the cancer is under control, the cancer patient is deemed to be in “remission.” When a cancer patient is put into “remission” there is always the concern the cancer will come back. If the cancer does come back their situation is called “progression.” Progression means the tumor has recurred in the same location such as the breast or has spread in vital organs. Progression-free survival means, the patient remained alive, without progression of the disease.

Regression basically means the cancer was cured, but it came back.

But another question is important to consider: when a cancer patient goes into remission, does that mean they don’t have any cancer cells?

It is actually difficult to determine how many cancer cells a cancer patient has when they go into remission. Yes, they could take a PET scan, but a PET scan is a massive source of radiation and cancer patients shouldn’t take them unless it is critical for accurate diagnoses.

Yes, there are chemical tests that are non-invasive, such as the Navarro Urine Test or HCG, and others, which can provide a good guess as to how many cancer cells are in a person’s body at the time of remission, but these are certainly not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.

Thus, it is absolutely certain that, in addition to not having an immune system, there are existing cancer cells when a person goes into remission. Not only will these cancer cells spread, but new cancer cells which everyone gets, start to invade tissues again and form blood vessels (like a crab), and form a tumour– which then will be detectable via conventional diagnostic tests (such as mammogram, CT/PET Scan, MRI and ultrasound).

1. Pure Remission: Remission with No Allopathic Treatment [PR]

These would be cases where a patient was medically diagnosed, via X-rays, biopsy or other medical tests, who either refused any medical treatment or for whom medical treatment was deemed useless or unavailable who nonetheless recovered. An example of ‘pure remission’ would be a patient diagnosed with bone cancer, who refused medical treatment and is disease-free ten years later.

2. Treatment-Related Remission: Remission with Inadequate Medical Treatment [TR]

This is the class where medical where medical diagnosis is then followed for a period of time by one or more kinds of medical treatment, treatment usually known to be insufficient to produce either a cure or a remission and remission occurs.

Here is an example of Treatment-related remission
Note: there is no evidence of disease since 2006 (5 years NED). No more conventional treatment since 2008 (2 years). But from Year 2000 to 2002, there as a progression of the disease from Stage 2B to Stage 4. So progression-free survival is only 3 years not 5 years.

Found suspicious lump 9/2000
Lumpectomy, then node dissection and port placement
Stage IIB, Grade 3, ER & PR –
Adriamycin 12 weekly, taxotere 4 rounds
36 rads
3 mos after rads liver full of tumors, Stage IV Jan 2002
Weekly Taxol, Navelbine, Herceptin for 27 rounds to NED!
2003 & 2004 no active disease – 3 weekly Herceptin + Zometa
Jan 2005 two mets to brain – Gamma Knife on Jan 18
All clear until suspicious spot on Jan 2006 brain MRI & PET
Brain surgery on Feb 9, 2006 – no cancer, all radiation necrosis
Continue as NED while on Herceptin & quarterly Zometa
Fall-2006 – off Zometa – watching one small brain spot (scar?)
2007 – spot/scar in brain stable – finished anticoagulation therapy for clot along my port-a-catheter
2008 – Nov. 2009 Brain and body still NED! Port removed and scans in Dec.
Dec 2008 – stop Herceptin – STILL NED

3. “Alternative” or Complex Remission [AR]

More complex cases may also exist where patients have resorted to a complex of traditional medical and so-called alternative treatments. A recent survey of this group suggests that as many as 10% of them undergo “spontaneous” remissions, thought the causes for these are so far unstudied.
With Nanay’s alternative treatments we are hoping for this.

4. “Miraculous Remission [MR]

Finally, there is the most unusual kind of all – those associated with spiritual cures, such as those carefully documented by the International Medical Commission at Lourdes in France. These cures are sudden, complete and without medical treatment. These cases appear to involve some of the same pathways as remission but consideration should be given to the possibility that the altered states of prayer, religious faith, and meditation may allow the process of self-repair greater freedom to operate.

if the alternative treatments fail, or we fail to follow the therapies to a T, we are hoping for a miracle remission

How To Prevent Regression and/or Progression

When alternative or conventional medicine puts a person into remission, there is always an ongoing cancer treatment for exactly the reasons just mentioned – the person has an inadequate immune system and may have lingering cancer cells and will certainly get new cancer cells which will not be killed by the immune system.

The focus of the “remission cancer treatment” would mainly be to:
1) Continue to build the immune system with diet,
2) Continue to build the immune system with supplements,
3) Continue to build the immune system by removing microbes from the bloodstream,
4) Killing new cancer cells as they form, since the immune system cannot yet handle new cancer cells,
5) Continue to build and protect the non-cancerous cells,
6) Protect the liver.

Every situation is different, so it is important to understand the principles of what is being discussed.

1) Build the Immune System With Diet

A cancer patient in remission is guaranteed to have a weak immune system, though there will be some immune system if they had designed their treatment program to build the immune system during treatment.

A “Weak Cancer Diet” is not strong enough for the situation of remission. Remember a “Weak Cancer Diet” is mainly to avoid feeding cancer cells.

Thus, a “Moderate Cancer Diet,” such as an alkaline diet, is needed as a minimum. This will not only avoid feeding the cancer cells, but it will help keep the cancer at bay by helping prevent the cancer from spreading any more.

2) Build the Immune System With Supplements

These supplements are very critical. There are a large number of immune builder supplements. The natural chemicals these products include are typically:
1) Beta Glucans — polysaccharides, immune builder, anti-cancer, anti-tumor,
2) Maitake and Shiitake Mushrooms — antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, cellular function (immune system),
3) Cordyceps — polysaccharides, sterols (immune system and many other actions),
4) Inositol Hexaphosphate (IP6) – anticancer,
5) Beta Sitosterol — phytosterol (immune system and anti-inflammatory),
6) Olive Leaf Extract — antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial.

This is not a complete list, but should give the reader the idea.

3) Build the Immune System By Killing Microbes in the Bloodstream
4) Gently Kill Cancer Cells (e.g. The Remission Cancer Treatment)
5) Continue to Protect the Non-Cancerous Cells
6) Protect the Liver

It is also important to point out that most often both conventional and alternative treatments just put the cancer cells in hibernation, or make them “sleep” or stop dividing.

Nowadays, conventional doctors/scientists, created targeted therapies to attack the cancer cells, only when they are dividing (or when they are “awake”), presumably to give the immune system a chance to rebuild itself.

There are also new clinical studies on stem cell therapies (that costs about $50K USD) to provide the body a fresh supply of normal and healthy cells (replacing the abnormal/cancer cells).

My point here is: DO NOT Be COMPLACENT! No Evidence of Disease (NED) or re-mission is only a temporary state! it is not a cure. A cure is a progression-free survival or spontaneous remission, wherein one is kept alive without progression of the disease (from stage 2 to stage 4). Do not be Woo’ed or be forced by QUACK conventional or QUACK alternative medical practitioners.

Progression-Free Survival (PFS) and time to tumor progression (TTP)
Spontaneous remission and Partial remission

Disclaimer: I am not a health practitioner so take everything I say as opinion and not fact. Consult your health professional for medical advice. If there is something you picked from this site, do your own research before starting a conversation with your doctor. I still believe that patients, conventional doctors and alternative/complimentary medicine practitioners can still find a common ground to start talking about real cure and be true to the Hippocratic oath , despite the myriad of things that we have to fix and tag as urgent.

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  1. SeaShells permalink
    May 31, 2014 8:13 pm

    Dear Lanie,

    With your experience, what “safe and accurate” test did you ordered for your mom in order to monitor her breast cancer through out? What are the must and don’ts? Thanks in advance.

    • May 31, 2014 8:45 pm

      Remission is a medical term so to see if she indeed in remision As per medical standards, she goes for the usual annual cancer screening test except mammograms. And then of course thermograms every 6 mths.

      • SeaShells permalink
        May 31, 2014 9:04 pm

        Thanks for the reply. Hope you don’t mind listing down the screening test your mom have to go for during the first few months when she was initially diagnose and how do you monitor her progress? Or did you blog about it somewhere? If so, hope it’s not too much trouble to refer it to me. Thank you.

      • June 1, 2014 10:07 am

        Ultrasound guided biopsy
        Cancer markers
        Whole abdomen ultrasound to rule out mestatis in other organs


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