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Be Aware!

Whatever your state of health is (known or unknown):

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For those who are going for Annual Check-ups

1.Google”what you should know about mammography” and “Hippocratic oath”, print it and bring to your doctor
2. Discuss your options for breast cancer diagnostic testing
– Ultrasound
Ultrasound with Elastography (print this article and bring to the clinic or hospital)
– Digital Mammograms
3. Print all the articles above and bring to the clinic/hospital

For those who are newly diagnosed with Cancer or just suspecting he/she have breast cancer
1. Breast cancer is not a death sentence and is not an emergency! Don’t panic!
2. Surgery is not ALWAYS the first-line of defense. However, most often than not, you will always see a Surgeon before the Oncologist or Radiologist.
3. Do not make a hasty decision unless you have seen all three (3) cancer specialists (Surgeon, Oncologist and Radiologist) — and ask them what is the best sequencing of treatment, in a respectful and dignified manner. Its hard to say no to someone who is in the position of authority such as a doctor, but you can say “no” or “wait” without being disrespectful, by saying ” this is overwhelming for me, I need to think about the next course of action, can I get back to you in a week’s time?”
4. See other medical practitioners as well such as Endocrinologists, OB/Gynae, Nutritionists and Naturopath who have a balanced view of conventional and alternative treatments, and also specialize in treating/managing cancer in one way or the other.
5. Pray for someone who will be your advocate to sort out through the muddle of contradicting theories and advices..(he/she can be your friend, relative or significant other. someone who is skeptical about things but loves you and will always have the best intention for you and who will help you put all your options on the table and help you to make a decision for yourself. That even if she/he disagrees with your decision, will align himself/herself and support you 100% & not tell you later – “I told you so”.)
6. You and your advocate can research for the non-invasive diagnostic tests that are clinically approved (such as Breast Elastography) and also all treatment plans whether it is conventional, alternative or complimentary.
7. You are the customer! If your doctor is violating the Hippocratic Oath (such as overtreatment and therapeutic nihilism)– give him/her a copy of the oath and get out of the clinic in a dignified manner. Don’t argue with him. If you really think he/she is way out of line, ask your advocate to report it to the Hospital Director, so appropriate discipline or correction can be done. Do not publish names of doctors in the internet for this type of issues- even if it is true -you may be sued. There are lots of grassroots organization checking on the ethical practices of both conventional and alternative practitioners. Be vigilant and know about them.
8. Whatever your decision is, whatever the outcome is. Do not blame anyone. Take responsibility for your own decision.
10. Respect your doctor even if you disagree. It took them years to get to where they are now. They are infallible human being like you and me.

For those who have undergone surgery:
1. Oncotype-DX is a personalized assessment test for chemo; if your doctor hasn’t offered it, ask if you’re a candidate.

For those who are seriously considering chemo/Herception/Tamoxifen
1. Request for a full Liver Function Test (LFT) from your oncologist or hematologist, if they ask you why, just say you want to know your baseline LFT before you say yes to chemo
2. Find an integrative doctor, who will order Liver Detoxification Profile Test for you, this is again to find out how your liver is functioning
3. Request for CYP2D6 genotyping test before agreeing on Tamoxifen, if your oncologist ask you why, just tell that you want to take your baseline report and will still consider taking Tamoxifen even if the CYP2D6 genotyping test, shows you are a poor metabolizer of Tamoxifen
4. once you have the full report about the condition of your liver, plus your OncotypeDX result, plus your CYP2D6 report– then its time to ask your oncologist what is the best treatment decision based on the reports you gathered, try to get the hematologist in the same room as the oncologist, if you can

For those who are seriously considering ONLY ALTERNATIVE treatments:
1. There are quacks in the conventional and alternative medicine.
2. However, quacks in the alternative medicine are easier to recognise.
3. Look for support groups before embarking to any alternative treatment program
4. There are also alternative/holistic practitioners who will push their own treatment plans to you and will not take the time and effort to diagnose your case– if you encounter this type of alternative/holistic practitioner, leave! You will be better off with a conventional practitioner who orders complimentary tests (such as FLDP, Organic Acids Imbalance tests, Elastography etcetera) and then work with you to discuss your treatment options and help you monitor your progress (but will not push his treatment plans as well).

Disclaimer: I am not a health practitioner so take everything I say as opinion and not fact. Consult your health professional for medical advice. If there is something you picked from this site, do your own research before starting a conversation with your doctor. I still believe that patients, conventional doctors and alternative/complimentary medicine practitioners can still find a common ground to start talking about real cure and be true to the Hippocratic oath , despite the myriad of things that we have to fix and tag as urgent.

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