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Cancer Prevention for Humans apply to Dogs too

June 29, 2012

No time to post a long article today, as we are currently fostering (possibly adopting) a rescued 9 week puppy.

But here are the articles I have printed today:

For some reason it is aligned to WAP Diet.

THIS ONE IS A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED READ, not only for those who are interested in overall health of dogs but also of humans:

quoting one of the posters:

thing is if people make the effort to make sure dog is “great dog from a good diet”, that shows they already are good owners and care for dog, so unlikely to just abandon it. abandoned dogs are from people who don’t really care. yea, they’ll give excuses like “no time”, etc but i believe if u REALLY want to, u’ll make time. yes, everyone needs time to themselves but if u take on a responsibility, then BE responsible! just like what paimao said, instead of going shopping and drinking, spend time with family, and that includes pets and friends in a better way.

but what to do, city life is like that. we get distracted by good marketing and advertising, making us think that we need something when we really don’t. being in a place with more countryside, we get back more with the basics and less of these distractions, so we can devote time to stuff that truly matters.

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  1. SeaShells permalink
    May 31, 2014 9:29 am

    That is a whole new topic. Gosh….you don’t know what I went through with the vets about how I wanted to feed or vaccine my dog. Before I got a dog…I knew nothing about dog’s health in general. EVERYONE grows up feeding dog kibble (the supposed food that dog ate) thinking they were good till my own experience with my dog’s health! He was scratching like HELL and his skin is bleeding and balding. I change his “dog food” to higher quality or expensive ones then with chicken, without chicken, with beef, without beef, with grain, without grain…ALL didn’t work. And his poop is HUGE and smelly. In fact, he was smelly too that we had to bath him once every 2 days!! Then I brought him to the vet, they prescribe more medication and cream, that didn’t work too. So I set on a journey to find out the truth since I cured my own eczema naturally. And found out that dog is supposed to eat raw meat with bones and all!!! So I changed his food to raw real meat and within a few months….his wound slowly healed and slowly he became less smelly. Now one year later, he has been scratch free and healthy. In fact he now can go without bath for a month without us realizing he hasn’t have a bath. But for hygiene reason, he is bathed once a week now.

    Talking about vets. What do they know about dog nutrition let alone other pets’ nutrition generally?!!! My experience with them is just horrible. When They asked what I feed my dog and when I told them raw. They gave me the HORROR look and started to lecture and scare me about feeding raw to MY dog….that it will choke them and they will get bacteria or parasite and etc and that he has to be dewormed (ie I have to buy dewormer from the vet). Lu kilt I did my research on the dewormer which doesn’t suit certain breeds and when I asked him about it…guess what he told me. Wait…I will have to check that out!! What the f%#k. You prescribed it to my dog without checking it out whether it’s harmful to him or not??!!! Luckily it’s just a dog. I was thinking what if it’s my child? Then when I refused vaccination, one even threaten me to sigh a waiver form telling me it’s against the law!!!!

    Well, so far after one year of feeding my dog raw meat with bone, he hasn’t choked or die of bacteria/parasites infection or need any expensive medication or creams and he smells good which saves me on water, shampoo and ect, his poop is small (which means everything he ate is absorbed instead of being pooped out and He is not on ANY supplements (since he ate all things..the organs, bones and meat). IN FACT he is thriving!! LASTLY, it saves me a lot of vet fees!

    Haha…sorry for venting cos your blog reminds me of my experience with VETS.

  2. May 31, 2014 11:24 am

    i also have a lot to say /write about dogs.. hahaha..anyway, our adopted puppy is now a huge healthy dog.. we also feed him raw meat once in a while– but mostly his food his homemade (organic even== we feed him the scraps of beetroot and carrots from Nanay’s juicing.. we add coconut oil, lecithin granules and brewer’s yeast once a week… when he was still a puppy he used to scratch a lot too.. so I massaged him daily with oregano oil diluted in coconut oil.. he loved it so much that he would lick my hands and his body whenever I massage him… whenever he smells the oils in his food.. he seems to be very excited..anyway.. he hever had skin problems (and his poop is also small) – even with cooked food.. I also wanted to feed him raw meat.. but just as you say– its hard when people are controlled by fear.. my parents feed him– so I really cant control whatever he eats hundred percent of the time…

    the dewormer that Barefoot Herbalist sells can also be given to dogs… Humaworm (from what I remember can also be given to dogs)

    about vaccinations for children– if I had known then that I could sign a waiver form– so my daughter dont have to be vaccinated I would have done so.

  3. SeaShells permalink
    May 31, 2014 12:32 pm

    Yeah….it took me a while to brain wash my DH just because he and MOST people are just not use to the new idea as they were brought up seeing dogs eating kibbles! That’s why many pets have cancer or other illnesses nowadays which is unheard of!!!!! Bet the vets are also rich since now pets get sicker and sicker.

    Plus the change in routine cos feeding raw means we have to allot some space in our ref for our dog’s food and more trips to the market. And for most people, they have a thinking that raw is expensive thus they refused to change!! BUT personally, I find feeding “species appropriate food” is cheaper because he is healthy (save on vet, medication, shampoos, water and etc). And it make sense!!! Put it this way, would you feed lion or tiger vegetable? Or would you feel cow and elephant meat?!! No right? Why…because it is NOT species appropriate food for them. They will not thrive or even get sick when they are feed something not appropriate as they are built different and for different purpose. And this concept applies to human as well!!

    I had to negotiate to try it for 3 months and if it does not work…we can go back to kibble. But so far after a year…he did’t request me to change to dog food as he saw the result (our dog’s fur softer now and he doesn’t smell). And after getting used to the routine…it is actually VERY SUPER easy peasy to feed raw!!

    We had to go back to the basics before there were any dog food manufacture, what do dogs eat? Surely not man made kibble?!! And again that applies to human as well.

  4. SeaShells permalink
    May 31, 2014 12:56 pm

    Yes, I had to convince my DH to give me a try for 3 months because feeding raw is foreign concept to him. And normally human are hesitant to change is because it interrupt with their normal routine. We had to make a few changes like creating a small space in the ref and more trips to the market. People thing that feeding raw is actually expensive, BUT personally, I think it’s cheaper in the long run as your pets is healthier which translate into savings on vets, medication, shampoos, water and etc which I think is worth it. Why are pets also getting sick with cancer and other illnesses that we human get? That is because they are fed with species “inappropriate” food and like humans, were given many synthetic medication and injected with many vaccines (actually pets are being over vaccinated compared to humans!). You won’t believe the schedules of vaccination my vet gave me, which I never went back for. My EX vetS seems to think that dogs should be on dog food cos dog food is “nutritionally balanced” and I can see he sells dog food in his clinic! There were once i just wanted to bring my dog for a simple check up which cost maybe P350. But after an hour of arguing with him (about vaccine, dog food and dewormer, my kids even ask me why is the vet shouting at me) and my DH also wanted to appease the vet by just obligingly buy the things the vet suggested…the total bill ended up close to P3000!!…which should have gone to buying good supplies of raw meat!! I changed 3-4 vets before settling for one that accept and respect what I believe.

    Some people may think if you don’t want to listen to vets, why visit them. That is because they have some necessary tools to do general check ups. I am sure you know what I mean here. 🙂

    If only people know that their pets should be fed with “species appropriate food” and they pets will thrive! I mean think about it, would you feed lions or tiger plant base diet and vice versatile feeding elephant or cow a meat base diet?! What happens if you do? They will start to degenerate and get all kinds of sickness because their body is just built differently to accept different foods God provide! This concept applies to human too.

    We just have to go back to the basics when they are no manufacturer of artificial foods. What do those animals eat? Surely not man made food?!! Thus every animal on the planet should eat according to what they are designed for.

    Now it has been a year, so far, DH did not ask me to change our dog’s food back to kibble because he saw the benefits. He himself admitted that our dog’s fur became softer and he does not have any doggy smell anymore (that is because the food are digested properly and not fermented in his body).

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