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Oil Pulling Therapy updates

March 22, 2012

After a 3 month break from Oil Pulling, we decided to give it a try again. Purchased 2 500ml bottles of Sunflower oil this time.  I am soooo proud of Zarah as she can keep the oil in her mouth and swish for full 20 minutes without too much fuss…

We are both on our 4th day now and I did not experience severe healing reactions as I did when I first tried it last year (after my major dental work)… Though, I am still feeling a bit of a swelling on my tonsils.. which I know is it means my body is still functioning as it should (tonsils protecting my heart from bacteria).. by swelling and being inflamed.. telling me.. hey Lanie ” let us fight .. there is a bug in your body”..

Nanay has  a slight runny nose and cough in the last 4 days too, which again I thought is a good sign that her immune system is starting to function again.. giving us warning signs.. that we are indeed fighting a bacteria, virus, fungi or some super bugs..

Nanay and I are are on heavy doses of Curcumin and Turmeric these days.. while Zarah is taking her fermented cod liver oil and butter oil (from grass fed cows), and a few garlic balls…

With the combination of the nutrition she is getting from the oils and garlic plus daily swishing of sunflower oil.. Zarah has never complained of tooth aches again… I just hope that I can get her to eat more greens.

Nanay has been “cheating” her by hiding a few sweet potato leaves or malunggay (moringa) leaves to her rice.. 

Am contemplating of making a pot of chicken soup for her to drink everyday as per the Tooth Remineralizing protocol… but I am too lazy …:)

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  1. Truth Seeker permalink
    June 2, 2013 5:31 am

    How do you tell the difference between “healing reactions” and a very real infection?

    If your body had no inflammation / infection, then you do something to it that results in inflammation / infection, the logical conclusion is that it is a message that whatever you did is the cause of it and is not very good for your body…

    I’m not picking on oil pulling here, but rather with the idea of “healing reaction or crisis”. If I stab myself with a rusty nail, and get an infection, can I call it a “healing reaction” too? And convince myself it’s okay by telling myself “the iron in the nail is waking up my immune system, making a healing reaction”?

    There is a significant difference between healing and an infection. One can have a huge wound and with care it could *heal* without inflammation or infection, that is a healing reaction. If it gets infected, that is because germs invaded and are *interfering* with the healing process.

    I admit today is the first I’ve ever heard of “healing reaction” or “healing crisis”, so am rather taking aback by this concept, but it does seems there is some logic missing here…

  2. June 5, 2013 10:23 pm

    I don’t have time to craft a reply.. so I will just take an excerpt from here:

    How To Distinguish A Healing Crisis From A Disease Crisis

    When a healing reaction occurs, patients often ask, “Am I getting better or am I getting worse?” This is a legitimate question! It is possible that the person is not getting better.

    Several questions can help one discern a healing from a disease crisis.

    •Is the patient following a nutritional balancing program? Joint pain that had subsided years ago may flare up. Pain at an old injury site or old wound may return. A temporary reactivation of an old infection may occur. Thoughts or feelings from a past event that a person does not even remember may return. These are examples of the reappearance of old or previous symptoms.
    •Is the patient following a healthy life style?If so, it is more likely a healing crisis. Proper lifestyle includes getting enough rest, eating correctly, not placing oneself under extreme stress, emotional control, etc. Healing reactions can occur on vacations, when one’s lifestyle is more healthful.
    •Was the client feeling better before the crisis occurred? If so, the likelihood is greater that it is a healing reaction. Healing crises generally occur when one is feeling better or more energetic. The reason is that energy is required for a healing reaction to occur. As energy reserves increases, a feeling of well-being follows. When energy levels are high enough, the reaction occurs.

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